How to Properly Measure for Blinds & Shades

Use a steel tape measure and measure down to the nearest eighth of an inch.

Write down your measurements and indicate which measurement is the width and which is the height. Make sure you note width first, then height. Be careful not to transpose those numbers. Remember, the width is horizontal (horizon) left to right, and height is the vertical measurement, top to bottom.

For an Inside Mount, Do NOT take deductions . Our factory does that based on the window measurements you provide.

For an Outside Mount, Provide the exact overall blind size needed (by adding the necessary coverage to the width and height of the opening). The manufacturer will make outside mount blinds and shades to the exact width/height specified. Be sure to add to width or height for the blind or shade to mount above, hang below (if needed) and measure wider than the opening for coverage on the sides.

Measuring French Doors

French door blinds are almost always done as an Outside Mount. Make sure you provide the exact measurements that you want the blind or shade to be, not the size of the window or glass. The size of the blind or shade is up to you, but be sure to avoid any obstructions like lever door handles and allow for proper window privacy and light coverage.

Order hold-down brackets to prevent your window blind from swinging around too.

Also, if the blind or shade you are ordering will have lift or tilt controls, be sure to specify that all controls be located on the hinged side whenever possible.